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Sentinel-2 Imagery

Global satellite imagery

Cloudless satellite imagery for the entire world down to 10 meter resolution for efficient streaming into CesiumJS and other 3D engines.

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Asset specs

Format: Tile Map Service (TMS) or Web Map Tile Service (WMTS)

Coverage: Global

Resolution: 10 m to 60 m


  • North: 90°
  • East: 180°
  • South: -90°
  • West: -180°

CesiumJS code example

var viewer = new Cesium.Viewer('cesiumContainer', {
    imageryProvider: new Cesium.IonImageryProvider({ assetId: 3954 })

Terms of use

For use of Sentinel-2 data, see:


CesiumJS automatically displays attribution. Do not remove or modify it.

When using Sentinel-2 Imagery outside of CesiumJS, include the following source data attribution:

Sentinel-2 cloudless by EOX IT Services GmbH (Contains modified Copernicus Sentinel data 2016 & 2017)

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