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Cesium OSM Buildings

Global 3D buildings with rich metadata

Cesium OSM Buildings is a 3D buildings layer covering the entire world. It’s available as a 3D Tileset on Cesium ion, ready to use in custom applications with CesiumJS or any client that supports 3D Tiles.

It’s derived from OpenStreetMap and contains over 350 million buildings with per-building metadata. This includes basic information like building name and height, to address, opening hours, and even type of material for individual parts of buildings.

Explore a live demo of Cesium OSM Buildings.

Get access to Cesium OSM Buildings

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Tileset specs

Format: 3D Tiles

Coverage: Global, updated quarterly.

Options: Available for use with either Cesium World Terrain or Cesium World Bathymetric (CWB) terrain.

Per-building properties

There are over 20,000 types of properties available in Cesium OSM Buildings. A complete list can be found on this OpenStreetMap table. Not all properties are available for each building. You can use Cesium Stories to inspect any building’s properties.

The following subset can be used for styling in Stories:

Property nameDescription
elementTypeThe type of element. Elements are the basic components of OpenStreetMap's conceptual data model of the physical world.
elementIdUnique identifier for the building. Use it to highlight or hide individual buildings. Identifiers are only unique within the same elementType.
cesium#colorCSS color string. Used to color buildings using the 3D Tiles Styling Language.
cesium#estimatedHeightAn estimate for the height of the building in meters. When height data is not available, it is computed from the number of levels in the building, assuming a height of 3 meters per level and that all buildings have at least 1 level. Use the height property instead if you want to omit buildings that have no recorded height.
cesium#longitudeLongitude in degrees for the center of the building.
cesium#latitudeLatitude in degrees for the center of the building.
buildingThe type of building. Most common values include house, residential, commercial, and public.
shopType of store. Most common values include convenience, supermarket, clothes, and bakery.
sourceThe data source for this building in the OSM database.
nameMost common name associated with this building.
wheelchairWhether this building is wheelchair accessible. Most common values include yes, no, and limited.
accessThe legal accessibility of this building, for example, where it's open to the public or not. Most common values include private, public, and customers.

All properties beyond this subset can be used for styling/filtering in CesiumJS. See code example on styling 3D Tiles

CesiumJS code example

var viewer = new Cesium.Viewer('cesiumContainer');

See more code examples on Sandcastle


You must include the following attribution in any application that uses Cesium OSM Buildings:

© OpenStreetMap contributors.

This attribution is automatically included when using this asset in CesiumJS or Cesium Stories.

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