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3D Tiling with Cesium

Tile massive datasets for optimized streaming

3D content can provide transformative experiences — when it's accessible and in context.

Just load your data, and Cesium will tile it to standard formats like 3D Tiles, store it in your private account, and make it available for streaming to visualization engines like CesiumJS and Cesium for Unreal.

3D Tiles is a widely adopted OGC Community Standard  designed to improve the streaming and rendering performance of massive 3D datasets. As the creators of 3D Tiles, Cesium is uniquely equipped to leverage it for optimal tiling, streaming, and visualization.

Support for:

  • Point clouds
  • Photogrammetry
  • 3D models
  • 3D buildings
  • Imagery
  • Terrain

Process your data lightning-fast

Cesium's 3D tiling is optimized for processing of point clouds, photogrammetry, 3D models, 3D buildings, terrain, and imagery.

Optimize massive 3D data for streaming

Built by the team that also created and maintains 3D Tiles, the open standard for streaming massive 3D data.

Automate your 3D workflows

Using Cesium integrations, tile your data with Cesium from within your preferred 3D data capture and creation tools.

Easy 3D tiling with Cesium ion

Cesium ion is the easiest, fastest way to tile.

• Upload your data and start streaming 3D data to your apps
• Cesium takes care of scaling and performance
• Your data is secure in your own private account

Contact us to learn about using Cesium's 3D Tiling Pipeline for enterprise deployments.

Point cloud data set of a cabin on farmland surrounded by hills and trees.

Point Clouds Tiler

Tile billions of points with millimeter precision.

  • Efficient subdivision and point compression for faster streaming
  • Per-point attributes preserved for dynamic styling
  • Support for standard formats including LASer (.las, .laz)
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Photogrammetry data, an aerial view of the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Photogrammetry Tiler

Tile massive textured 3D models.

  • Adaptive subdivision and geometry-aware compression for faster streaming
  • Source fidelity preserved with smart mesh decimation for each level of detail
  • Support for standard formats including COLLADA (.dae) and Wavefront OBJ (.obj)
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Massive BIM model of an oil rig

3D Models Tiler

Tile massive BIM, CAD, and other 3D design models at the highest detail.

  • Visualizes all types and sizes of design models from smart cities to the nuts and bolts of an engine
  • Tiles exterior and interior 3D models
  • Preserves the appearance of models without losing details or precision
  • Photorealistic visual quality using physically-based materials and image-based lighting
  • Supports open standards including COLLADA (.dae), Wavefront OBJ (.obj), and glTF (.gltf, .glb)
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3D buildings

3D Buildings Tiler

Tile cities with millions of textured buildings.

  • Adaptive subdivision and geometry-aware compression for faster streaming
  • Feature metadata preserved for interactive styling and analysis
  • Buildings clamp to terrain
  • Support for CityGML (.citygml, .xml, .gml) and KML/COLLADA (.kml, .kmz)
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Cesium World Terrain data of a mountain

Terrain Tiler

Tile global-scale terrain in any projection.

  • Terrain from multiple sources fused with mosaicking
  • Metadata computed for runtime visualization with lighting and water effects
  • Geometry-aware compression for faster streaming
  • Support for standard formats including USGS ASCII DEM (.dem), GeoTIFF (.tiff, .tif), and Cesium Terrain Database (.terraindb)
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satellite imagery,

Imagery Tiler

Tile high-resolution satellite, drone, and aerial imagery.

  • Imagery from multiple sources fused with mosaicking
  • Tiles output in widely supported standard formats
  • Automatic reprojection
  • Support for standard formats including Floating Point Raster (.flt), GeoTIFF (.tiff, .tif), JPEG (.jpg, .jpeg), and PNG (.png)
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Cesium ion Self-Hosted

If your enterprise deployment requires the 3D Tiling Pipeline in your environment, let's talk.