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The earth at night using Cesium for Unreal


Precise 4D visualization and simulation in air and space

Cesium was originally built to track objects in space, where precision is paramount. Detail and accuracy remain a foundation of the Cesium platform. Use our flexible, open architecture to seamlessly render massive datasets, track and simulate objects in air and space, analyze communications and monitoring data, and understand and predict change over time.

Success stories

Build better with Cesium

black marble

Data fusion

Fuse data collected from multiple sources into one virtual environment and augment it with high-resolution imagery and terrain accurately positioned on a WGS84 globe.

A model of a helicopter moving over a city. The buildings in the city change color when they are in the line of sight of the helicopter.

3D visibility analytics

Use GPU-accelerated analysis tools for measurement, line of sight, and viewsheds, on the web with CesiumJS or in a game engine with Cesium for Unreal

Simulate movement over time

Create precise simulations on the web or in a game engine by fusing geospatial datasets with vehicle tracks and time dynamic analytics to visualize complex systems for intuitive understanding.

Integration with AGI's precise tools

Integrate with tools from our partner AGI, including Systems Tool Kit (STK), for time-dynamic 3D geographic visualizations and precise analytics.

The Cesium platform is the foundation for transformative 3D geospatial solutions