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Cesium World Bathymetry of Hawaii with purple color ramp applied

Cesium World Bathymetry

Global bathymetry and topographic terrain

Cesium World Bathymetry is a global bathymetry and topographic terrain tileset that enables 3D visualizations, simulations, and analytics for use cases like oil and gas exploration, navigation for unmanned undersea vehicles (UUVs), managing offshore wind farms, and analyzing essential climate science. It fuses multiple data sources into a single tileset, including GEBCO's 2023 global dataset, high-resolution bathymetric data around the world, and topographical terrain for inland coverage, enabling you to build applications that span underwater, over land, and in the air.

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Asset specs

Format: quantized-mesh 1.0

Coverage: global

Coverage map for Cesium World Bathymetry


CoverageApproximate resolution in meters
Swiss Lakes1 m, 2 m , and 3 m
U.S. East Coast, U.S. islands, locations in AK, OR, CA3 m and 10 m
Northern Gulf of Mexico12 m
The Great Barrier Reef30 m
United States West Coast90 m
Entire Earth450 m

CesiumJS code example

  new Cesium.Terrain(Cesium.CesiumTerrainProvider.fromIonAssetId(2426648))

Terms of use

The Terms of Use include the Cesium ion Terms of Service and the following tileset-specific Terms of Use:

Copyright © 2024 Cesium GS, Inc. All Rights Reserved. This tileset may not be copied or used except under the terms described in the Terms of Use or by a separate written agreement with Cesium GS.

  • You may not copy, store, or redistribute any portion of the tileset for use in an offline, disconnected, or local environment. Client-side and proxy-based caching are allowed as long as it is a general caching mechanism caching other internet traffic as well, not just Cesium World Bathymetry data.
  • You must clearly display the attribution for this tileset defined below.
  • You agree that Cesium World Bathymetry is provided as-is and at-will, and will not hold Cesium GS responsible for anything bad that happens as a result of your use of the tileset or your inability to use the tileset.
  • You agree that these terms of use may change at any time, and that your continued use of the tileset constitutes acceptance of the new terms.


Cesium 3D engines automatically display attribution. Do not remove or modify it.

When using Cesium World Bathymetry outside of a Cesium 3D engine, you must clearly display the Cesium ion logo in the application’s window and include the following source data attributions:

GEBCO_2023 GridGEBCO Compilation Group (2023) GEBCO 2023 Grid (doi:10.5285/f98b053b-0cbc-6c23-e053-6c86abc0af7b)
High-resolution depth model for the Great Barrier Reef - 30 mPortions CC BY 4.0 from Beaman, R.J. 2017. High-resolution depth model for the Great Barrier Reef - 30 m. Geoscience Australia, Canberra

The following data sources do not require attribution.

NOAA NCEI 2023 Coastal Relief Models (CRMs)Produced by the NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information. Not subject to copyright protection within the United States.
Northern GoM Deepwater Bathymetry Grid from 3D Seismic"Information presented on this website is considered public information and may be distributed or copied."
NOAA NCEI Continuously Updated Digital Elevation ModelUnrestricted use;

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