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Fact sheet

Cesium is a platform for creating 3D applications that are fast, flexible, and based on real-world geospatial data.

Inception 2011

A team at Analytical Graphics, Inc. developed CesiumJS for visualizing massive 3D geospatial data on the web.

Launch 2019

Cesium GS spun out as an independent company that enables developers and data providers to build dynamic 3D geospatial applications.


Meet our team of developers, business support, and board members.


Our office is located in Center City, Philadelphia, just a few blocks from City Hall.


The open source CesiumJS is actively used by thousands of developers, who in turn have millions of users.

Open standards

Creators of 3D Tiles, contributors to glTF, and advocates for many others.

About us

Press inquiries

Contact us for information about Cesium or other press questions.

Brand guidelines

Official logo

We provide all assets you need to incorporate the Cesium logo, whether you are attributing the use of Cesium products or representing us in a news article or blog post.

Please follow these guidelines to ensure that the Cesium brand is consistent, recognizable, and always looks great! If you would like to use our logo in a format not covered by these guidelines please contact

Cesium logo with color
Cesium logo with with white text
CesiumJS logo with color
CesiumJS logo with white text
Cesium ion logo with color
Cesium ion logo with white text
3D Tiles logo with color
3D Tiles logo with white text
Cesium 3D Tiles logo with color
Cesium 3D Tiles logo with white text
Cesium logo

Alternate formats

For SVGs and alternate monochrome versions of the logos, download the logo kit.

  • Standard - Used most commonly and preferred when applicable.
  • Monochrome - When color is limited or contrast is limited.
Download logo kit

Logo colors

The Cesium logo can be in either of the standard forms provided: black or white. Please use the white on dark backgrounds and the black on light backgrounds.

PMS 284


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Usage guidelines

Avoid mistakes when reproducing Cesium's trademarks or logos. Do not separate the elements of the logo or alter the logo in any way. Do not rotate or animate it, and do not use any part of the logo as a graphic element, background, or pattern in any way that competes with Cesium.

Do not translate or localize the logos, and do not add anything to the logos. Do not attempt to set the logotype, change the font, or alter the size, proportions, or space between letters. You must use Cesium’s trademarks and logos exactly as they are provided by Cesium.

Layman’s Terms: When using our trademark(s), please don't change them in any way.

Fair use

Cesium's trademarks and logos may be used in instances when the use of such falls under a category of fair use. Examples of fair use include research, teaching, and educational purposes. If you use Cesium’s trademarks or logos for this purpose, you must give Cesium proper credit and identify Cesium as the owner of the trademarks or logos.

Do not use Cesium’s trademarks or logos in any of your products or services that compete with any of Cesium’s products or services. Use of Cesium’s trademark and logos in your competing product or service is trademark infringement, and Cesium will take legal action against you for violating this provision.