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CesiumJS 1.62 or install with NPM:
$ npm install cesium

1.62 - 2019-10-01

Highlights include:

  • Added ability to create partial ellipsoids using both the Entity API and CZML. New ellipsoid geometry properties: innerRadii, minimumClock, maximumClock, minimumCone, and maximumCone. This affects both EllipsoidGeometry and EllipsoidOutlineGeometry. See the updated Sandcastle example. #5995
  • Added useBrowserRecommendedResolution flag to Viewer and CesiumWidget. When true, Cesium renders at CSS pixel resolution instead of native device resolution. This replaces the workaround in the 1.61 change list. 8215
  • A massive amount of bug fixes from the recent CesiumJS code sprint.

See the change log for the complete list of changes.

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