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Add Sketchfab 3D Models to Your Geospatial Experiences with Cesium ion

You can now import 3D models from Sketchfab into Cesium ion to create 3D Tiles, making it easier to create context and content for geospatial experiences.

Sketchfab is part of Epic Games and one of the most widely used 3D asset marketplaces. Over 10 million users have used Sketchfab to share and find over 5 million 3D models since its launch in 2012. In 2017 Sketchfab added glTF download support for all downloadable Sketchfab scenes regardless of their source format, immediately making Sketchfab the largest online repository of glTF models, many of which are free under Creative Commons licensing.

Cesium applauds Sketchfab and Epic Games’ commitment to open standards as the best way to grow a vibrant 3D ecosystem, and we’re thrilled to make Sketchfab assets available through Cesium’s open platform for building 3D geospatial experiences.

Cesium ion makes it easy to discover 3D models in Sketchfab and add them to your geospatial experiences. Suspension bridge model by coffeecat with CC Attribution.

With Cesium ion’s Sketchfab integration, you can:

  • Link your Sketchfab account to your Cesium ion account, including using Sketchfab as a method to log into ion
  • Discover free Sketchfab models 
  • Import the model to your Cesium ion account as a 3D Tiles asset
  • Precisely geolocate the model 
  • Add it to your 3D application
Sketchfab model library - Cesium ion

Import models from Sketchfab directly into Cesium ion

The number and variety of models in Sketchfab provide endless possibilities to add context and impact to your geospatial projects.

A Sketchfab model of Fénis Castle in northern Italy

Real-world drone scans become the foundation of a digital twin. In this example, a high-resolution inset of Fénis Castle in northern Italy is combined with Google Photorealistic 3D Tiles and visualized with Unreal Engine.

Sketchfab model: Fénis Castle by LZ Creation with CC Attribution

A Sketchfab model of Roadstone Quarry in County Kildare, Ireland

Reality models for construction jobsites, mines, and other real-world locations can be combined with interactive elements to create simulation and training apps. This quarry in County Kildare, Ireland is placed on Cesium World Terrain with Bing Imagery and rendered with Unreal Engine.

Sketchfab model: Roadstone Quarry - Allenwood by capturingaworld with CC Attribution

The Schuylkill River with Philadelphia in the background and a 3D model of Singapore's Helix Bridge from Sketchfab in the foreground

Architectural models can inform and inspire. Here, Singapore's famous Helix Bridge is placed across the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA and visualized with Unreal Engine. Google Photorealistic 3D Tiles provide broader geospatial context.

Sketchfab model: Helix Bridge by Sengchor with CC Attribution

Cesium is committed to lowering the barrier to creating geospatial experiences by continuing to make connections across the 3D ecosystem. If you’re new to Cesium, welcome! Cesium ion is free for non-commercial use. Sign up today to get started.