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Now Available: Omniverse AECO demo pack

In collaboration with NVIDIA and Aerometrex, Cesium has released the Omniverse AECO demo pack. Designed to be an easy way to get started leveraging 3D geospatial data for architecture, engineering, construction and operation (AECO) workflows, the demo pack allows you to experiment integrating an architectural design model within an accurate geospatial context.

Omniverse AECO Demo Pack by Cesium, NVIDIA, and Aerometrex

Geospatial context is a key component of successful stakeholder engagement through the rapid creation of imagery, video, simulations and other interactive experiences that clearly communicate the impacts of a proposed design on the surrounding environment.

For a limited time, design a building in San Francisco with an accurate 2 cm resolution photogrammetry model of the city courtesy of Aerometrex, streamed into the stage using Cesium for Omniverse.

Additional AECO demo pack features:

  • Georeferenced architectural designs from industry standard digital content creation (DCC) packages
  • High fidelity geospatial context datasets
  • Use of USD Variants to manage different design scenarios
  • Real world lighting setup for accurate sun studies

By using these examples as a guide, we hope you’re inspired to create visually compelling and geospatially accurate 3D content with Cesium for Omniverse.