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Jason Sobotka

3D Graphics

Jason is a senior software developer focused on Cesium ion’s asset pipeline and tilers. With Cesium ion, users bring their own data—point clouds, photogrammetry, BIM, CAD, and more—to be tiled for streaming using tools created by the team that developed the 3D Tiles open standard. Jason helps to enhance the speed, reliability, and security of that asset pipeline. 

Before joining Cesium, Jason worked in educational technology for 15 years at Istation. His career began with building end user interactive content. He then went on to working on Istation’s underlying engine and in-house tools and bringing it to new platforms such as Android, Chrome Native Client, and WebAssembly. He also worked to bring their legacy server systems into the AWS Cloud.

Jason discovered programming as a teenager and that hobby turned into a passion. His first language was C, and he has kept a love for low level and bare metal programming, especially old and low power CPUs like the 6502. He attended the University of Texas at Dallas, earning a bachelor’s degree in Art and Technology and working on various projects such as Unreal Engine 3 mods and mobile games.

He spends most of his free time wrangling his three boys, tending to his garden, and taking care of his animals: chickens, guinea pigs, and pugs. He enjoys auto racing, especially Indycar, and going out to races at Texas Motor Speedway. In between all this, he finds a little time to do some hobby programming, amateur photography, and the occasional video game.

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Jason Sobotka's headshot. He wears glasses and a plaid button-up shirt. He smiles, standing in front of trees.Jason Sobotka and his son at Texas Motor Speedway. They wear branded racing shirts and ear protection.