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Compare Hundreds of Scenarios in Cesium with GURU Universal Interface for Simulation

With the computing precision of our aerospace heritage, Cesium is a go-to platform for visualizing simulations. When users can see a simulation, such as the flight path of an autonomous vehicle, on a globe with accurate terrain and imagery, they’re better able to understand and analyze the data.

MSBAI is working to make the simulations themselves easier to set up. They’ve developed a “Universal Interface for Simulation” called GURU. Today, engineers who are capable of taking advantage of simulation software spend at least months training in each one, and it takes them hours to set up one new simulation. GURU is an autonomous system built to minimize the setup time for everyone, and expand the user base by making it easier to do. The GURU interface runs on a broad range of devices from desktops to laptops to mobile. It’s modular, giving the user the control and visualizations they need for their application - like Cesium for globe view!

Stage presentation from I/ITSEC 2021

A user can instruct GURU to set up simulations by point and click, or tap and swipe, and GURU even has a voice interface. GURU only needs the problem definition from the user, like where to take off and where to land, what kind of vehicle to fly, and what sort of maneuvers to include. GURU is able to deploy compute-heavy jobs to commercial cloud systems, your own systems, or even government systems like the department of energy’s premier supercomputer, Summit, located at the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility. For trajectory simulations like the one pictured here, Air Force and MDA users can use GURU on the Air Force Research Laboratory’s DOD Supercomputing Resource Center (AFRL DSRC). A user can run hundreds or even thousands of simulations in parallel, with the software automatically generating variations based on the user’s input. In minutes, GURU displays the results in Cesium, with a detailed map view enabling users to explore the computed results.

GURU universal interface for simulation with CesiumJS visualization

Hypersonic threat prediction simulated in GURU and visualized with CesiumJS.

Cesium supports simulations across industries, from smart construction to space trajectories to autonomous vehicle testing. To see your simulations on a high-precision 3D globe, sign up for a Cesium ion account.