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Smart Construction Dashboard Now Available

The digital transformation of construction sites has arrived with the release of Komatsu’s Smart Construction Dashboard. 

The Smart Construction Dashboard, developed by Cesium in partnership with Komatsu, enables organizations to visualize and analyze the status of their construction sites at a glance.

Screenshot of the Smart Construction Dashboard, developed by Cesium and Komatsu

Smart Construction Dashboard allows user to visualize the current conditions on a jobsite with the final target design to monitor overall site progress.

Smart Construction Dashboard is a web-based application designed to support jobsite management tasks using Cesium’s platform to combine data from multiple sources into one comprehensive picture. It provides job site managers with a complete, up-to-date 3D visualization of a construction site including design, UAS, and intelligent machine data. This information can be used to analyze and measure cut/fills, quantities and productivity. Site progress can be viewed with Smart Construction Dashboard’s interactive timeline including playback functions providing visual reference of the site’s progress. 

Smart Construction Dashboard integrates with other components of Komatsu’s Smart Construction platform, including their Intelligent Machine Control by providing the ability to transfer digital 3D design plans directly to connected machines. 

Screenshot of the Smart Construction Dashboard, developed by Cesium and Komatsu

Integration with Komatsu's Intelligent Machines provides a near real time view of the current terrain surface on the jobsite.

Already, Smart Construction Dashboard is helping customers orchestrate construction planning, streamline costs, and optimize processes remotely—in near real time.

If you’re interested in the tech behind Smart Construction, join us for an in-depth virtual discussion with developers from Cesium from Komatsu on Thursday, August 5, at 1pm ET.