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Muthu Sampath


Ecosystem Growth

Muthu Sampath grows the 3D geospatial ecosystem by supporting commercial business development with CesiumJS and Cesium ion cloud services. Muthu helps Cesium’s users understand the tools we offer to tile their 3D data, combine with global 3D content, and build apps to visualize and analyze on the web.

Muthu has experience as a GIS engineer and sales manager. He held customer-facing roles at Vexcel Imaging and Mapillary, where he both made sales and developed partnerships focused on mapping for public sector, insurance, telecommunication, fleets, and non-profit organizations. He holds an M.S. in civil engineering from Colorado State University. 

Outside of work, Muthu spends his time helping out his friend’s local business store in town. He loves cooking, binge-watching TV shows and enjoys traveling to different countries and places to find new foods. Muthu has been to four continents so far.

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Muthu SampathMuthu Sampath