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Kenny Chen


Metaverse Research Intern

Kenny is working with Professor Norm Badler on metaverse research, and especially research towards efficient handling of large crowds. Kenny’s research interest is in problems within 3D deep learning and computer graphics. He has experience in deep learning using 3D data, physically-based rendering, VR, and simulation. 

He first got interested in graphics in an introductory course at Berkeley, where he was drawn to web-based data visualizations and generative art. He’s since graduated from UC Berkeley with a BA in computer science and is currently an MS student at NYU. 

Kenny also loves teaching and was a TA for Berkeley’s intro graphics & imaging class and NYU’s graduate interactive computer graphics course. Outside of school and work he likes playing Valorant with friends, improving his photography skills, eating McDonald’s, and supporting small streamers.

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Kenny ChenKenny Chen