Cesium ion SDK

Bring analysis to 3D visualization. With the ease of a mouse click, users can answer questions involving distance and areas measurements, line-of-sight visibility, viewsheds, and more. Rapidly bring these capabilities into your custom apps using the Cesium ion SDK JavaScript library, which extends CesiumJS.

The Cesium ion SDK includes 3D analysis tools and ready-to-use UI widgets.

Data Fusion

Analyze within one dataset or across disparate datasets; from point clouds to BIM models to terrain to stationary or dynamic objects.


Draw confident conclusions with tools using a level of precision originally developed for aerospace.

GPU Acceleration

Unlock optimal performance for client-side analysis using the parallelism and computational power of the GPU.

Developer Friendly

Build apps using customizable components with the same quality as CesiumJS, a fully documented API, and code examples.

The Cesium ion SDK is built on the open source CesiumJS JavaScript library for world-class 3D maps. CesiumJS powers apps that reach millions of end users and has a vibrant developer community.

Measurement Package


  • Measurement Tools
  • Clipping Planes Editor
  • Transform Editor

Measurement Tools

Accurately measure any object or between multiple objects at any scale, whether you’re measuring the height of a bridge, the distance from a drone to the ground, or the length of a hiking trail.

  • Distance between any two points, with optional horizontal and vertical locking
  • Height of a point above terrain
  • Polygonal area measurements
  • Latitude, longitude, height, and slope of any point

Transform Editor

Position, rotate, and scale objects with a visual interface in a full 3D context.

Viewshed Package


  • Measurement Tools
  • Clipping Planes Editor
  • Transform Editor
  • Sensor Geometries and Visibility Analysis Tools
  • Additional Geometries

Sensor Geometries and Visibility Analysis Tools

Efficiently understand the impact of sensor visibility for drones, satellites, autonomous vehicles, or any stationary or moving object.

  • GPU-accelerated line of sight, viewshed, and visibility analytics
  • Multiple sensor geometries including cones, rectangles, and domes
  • Custom sensor geometries
Fan and vector geometries

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