Visualize Data and Make Better Decisions

Work on-premises or online with a flexible, open architecture to seamlessly render and share massive datasets, vehicle tracks, and analysis results to support land, sea, air, and space missions.

Data fusion

Fuse data collected from multiple sources into one virtual environment and augment it with high resolution imagery and terrain served by Cesium ion.

3D visibility analytics

Use GPU-accelerated analysis tools for measurement, line of sight, and viewsheds.

Integrated COP

Develop a common operating picture by fusing geospatial datasets with vehicle tracks and time dynamic analytics to visualize complex systems for intuitive understanding.

Integration with AGI's precise tools

Integrate with tools from our partner AGI, including Systems Tool Kit (STK), for time-dynamic 3D geographic visualizations and precise analytics.

Cesium On-Premises

Create end-to-end 3D geospatial solutions that run in your environment.

Success Stories

Analytical Graphics, Inc.

Analysis tools compatible with Cesium

AGI's Commercial Space Operations Center (ComSpOC) uses Cesium to visualize tens of thousands of satellites — simultaneously and in real-time — to achieve its mission of sustained safety in space. Cesium users can easily integrate with AGI's Systems Tool Kit (STK) software and STK Component Libraries. These AGI products compute complex time-dynamic aerospace and defense analytics that can be visualized in Cesium, including

  • vehicle propagation,
  • communication link quality,
  • radar analysis,
  • coverage assessments,
  • GPS navigation quality, and much more.

Plus, AGI's STK Component Libraries include the Cesium ion SDK Viewshed Package, which enables intervisibility calculations and visualization of sensor field of views from moving and stationary objects.

Lockheed Martin

Presenting a 3D map of the world

Lockheed Martin’s Map of the World (MoW) Viewer, which is built on CesiumJS, delivers enterprise visualization services for the intelligence community, Department of Defense, and other government agencies. MoW efficiently delivers an elevated geographical representation of the world through Cesium's terrain tiling pipeline, enhancing National Geospatial Agency (NGA) user-operations by allowing users to easily discover and visualize authoritative and community content in both 2D and 3D.


Visualizing and sharing intelligence data

The Distributed Common Ground System (DCGS) developed by Raytheon collects, processes, disseminates, and archives intelligence data for joint and combined task force commanders. Raytheon’s Vega, which supports DCGS, uses CesiumJS to display customized 3D visualizations that fuse these diverse datasets together.


Creating real-time situational awareness

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, Ltd. is an active contributor to CesiumJS development. They see the value of transitioning from static map images to real-time image visualization, and as part of this effort have integrated CesiumJS into Rafael’s IMINT solutions product line.

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