UsPLM Manages Drone Fleets More Accurately and Safely with Cesium


UsPLM, with Cesium ion, is giving drone fleet managers the tools to keep drones flying as long and as safely as possible. With visualizations built on CesiumJS, their web-based software makes it easy to review mission performance over time and to quickly assess individual drones by examining high resolution digital twins.

Keeping an entire fleet of drones running involves numerous processes: asset tracking, operational overviews, flight logs analyses, mission planning, real-time simulation, forensics analysis, and regulatory compliance. UsPLM brings these many processes together with a focus on product lifecycle data management of unmanned aircrafts and their payloads.

CesiumJS powers two of these key elements: 3D Mission Review and 3D Asset Review. UsPLM says of working with Cesium:

“We have found CesiumJS such a powerful engine and ideal enabler to present and track drone fleet data at any granularity level as well as along the life cycle spectrum of any component.”

Time dynamic visualization for mission review

UsPLM’s Mission Review module combines their proprietary data analytics pipelines with CesiumJS’s time-dynamic data streaming capabilities to verify mission performance and conduct forensic analysis. Users can see historical performance of any given flight, shown in 3D over Cesium World Terrain.

USPLM 3D Mission Review: Imagery footprint analysis for a DJI Phantom 4 mission.

USPLM 3D Mission Review: Path deviation analysis for a Yuneec H520 mission.

Digital twins for asset review

UsPLM’s Asset Review module provides users with high-resolution 3D digital twins, created from glTF models. Users can interact with the key components of an unmanned aircraft, view aggregate performance over historical missions, and find maintenance advisories for key components.

UsPLM 3D Asset Review: Maintenance advisory for a DJI Phantom 4 drone.

UsPLM 3D Asset Review: Warning for a Yuneec H520 hexacopter.

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