Listen to Live Radio Stations around the Globe with Radio Garden


Radio Garden visitors navigate a CesiumJS globe to find and listen to radio stations by location. The map invites users to explore connectedness, and uses physical imagery rather than political boundaries and labels, just as radio signals themselves cross borders. The site features a growing collection of more than 17,000 radio stations.

How it started

Radio Garden began when the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision invited Jonathan Puckey to develop a museum installation for a research project called Transnational Radio Encounters. Rather than build just a museum exhibit, Puckey put together a free, interactive platform streaming radio stations from around the world.

Millions of monthly visitors

Because of continued worldwide interest from millions of monthly visitors, in 2019 Jonathan Puckey decided to turn Radio Garden into a company. Together with a small team, he is working towards releasing the next major version, with CesiumJS at its core.

The platform has earned a number of awards, including a 2017 Webby Award for Best Streaming Audio.

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