Digital Twin of Zürich, Switzerland with Detailed Buildings for Desktop and Mobile


Zürich 3D visualizes the 3D model in LOD2 of the city of Zürich in Switzerland. The application includes a traditional 2D map viewer built on OpenLayers, and a 3D viewer using Cesium with 3D Tiles.

To explore the city, users can choose between several base imagery layers, including OpenStreetMap, Bing, and SwissImage. In 3D mode, more than 50,000 buildings are added as 3D Tiles. The buildings can be styled with coloring based on height, usage, and location. A custom navigation widget allows users to move the camera in every direction and adjust the camera pitch. A predefined flight over the city and an automatic panoramic view are also available.

This app is specially tuned for use on mobile devices. On Android, it is possible to install the app as a progressive web app (PWA) for increased performance and better user experience.
On mobile browsers with support of the absolute orientation sensor class (e.g., Chrome), the app’s magic window mode sets the visible section on the screen to follow the orientation of the device. Similarly, a VR-mode is available with a split screen for usage with the Google cardboard viewer.

The app was built as a proof-of-concept by Silvio Dall’Acqua and uses only open source data; the 3D model is part of the open data catalog of the city of Zürich.

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