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CyberCity 3D: High-Resolution Streaming Smart 3D Buildings

CyberCity 3D, Inc., a southern California-based geospatial modeling and mapping company, creates high resolution building models using its patented 3D modeling software. These “smart” models come with measurement data such as height, roof slope, etc., with up to 6-inch accuracy, making them invaluable tools for a variety of geospatial analysis applications.

CyberCity 3D buildings are optimized for streaming on Cesium, bringing 3D to public and private projects including planning and analysis, AEC, real estate, economic development, and flood risk mitigation. In Cesium, CyberCity’s 3D models work interactively. Buildings, streamed on-demand, are based on the view and can be combined with satellite imagery, terrain, and vector data. Users can highlight individual buildings and click on them to obtain metadata.

CyberCity 3D’s browser-based mapping solutions work in all environments, including mobile. In addition, CC3D boasts the world’s largest building library of its kind, with more than 1,500 km² of coverage area and more than 1.5 million buildings.

Customers can order off-the-shelf models as well as custom new buildings through CyberCity 3D’s SaaS, which streams complete city datasets into Cesium. These models can be exported into most file formats including Collada, Godatabase, Shapefile, .dxf,.kml,, .skp, .fbx, and .obj. CyberCity 3D’s exported Collada models are converted into glTF, then streamed using 3D Tiles with vector data delivered as GeoJSON.

CyberCity 3D has partnered with Nextspace, a content management system that makes working with Cesium more robust. With the addition of Nextspace, Cesium users can drag and drop more images, documents, links, reports, and videos into CC3D buildings. Upload and view documents, images, and photos associated with any asset as well as see full detail architectural BIM models. Drill down to any level of visual or data detail.

See samples of 3D CyberCity buildings at work with Cesium from Los AngelesPhoenixParis FranceBoston MA, and Oakland CA.